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MetaSystem Consulting Group is a unique coaching and consulting firm that specializes in a whole-system approach to the design of work processes, roles, relationships, structures and strategies.

Welcome! We're glad you stopped by to visit our website and explore possibilities. For over 13 years MetaSystem Consulting Group has grown along with our clients on journeys of development and transformation. As we look toward the future, we look forward to working with you and building a lasting partnership of discovery and growth. We are also excited to share some of the powerful and innovative approaches and programs we have developed along the way.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped bring us to where we are, and welcome to all who are joining the journey!
Lisa Murrell
Paul Kwiecinski
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Most Recent Weblog Entries
October 17, 2011
Chalk One up for Women Onwed Business and Diversity!!
As president and founding partner I want to include you in the celebration of MetaSystem Consulting Group; along with Equine Alchemy, as a recently certified women's owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council!!!

November 23, 2010
Leadership Course Trends
Leadership Courses are a hot item. I Googled them yesterday and found 21,500,000 in .27 seconds. Then 91,000 searches per day! That means there are a lot of people seeking Leadership Development!! If we knew what we needed to...

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We have a proven track record of extraordinary results with clients of all sizes, measured by increased profits, high and consistent quality, low turnover, increased market share and high ROI. Our expertise includes:

  • Experiential Learning, creating learning labs for individuals and teams outside of their day-to-day environment to explore response patterns to experiential activities. We then help our clients transfer the accelerated learning created in these situations to develop new skills and attitudes that will positively impact performance and create breakthrough results.
  • Executive and team coaching to help you realize your potential, with a specialty in Multi-Level Systemic Coaching, where we provide simultaneous coaching to individuals and teams at different levels and in different areas of an organization. Working with the individual, team and system generates powerful and fundamental changes at all levels of an organization.
  • Organization Evolution to help clients grow and evolve their businesses to create a culture that generates greater efficiencies and higher profits to optimize performance and sustainable results.
  • Introducing Experiential Learning and Coaching with Horses combine the power and credibility of ICF Coaching with Equine Facilitated Learning, based upon the Epona Approach.

MetaSystem consultants regularly speak at meetings and conferences about their methodologies, approach, and their clients' experiences and successes in industries ranging from pharmaceutical, to banking, food service, advertising, and beyond. They are known as energetic, engaging, and enlightening presenters.

Contact us today for a broader understanding of how we can help you and your organization maximize your potential.

Be sure to also visit our sister site, Equine Alchemy.


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